Car number plate dating

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However, these vehicles carry plates with fewer characters, such as AA-11-A.Due to the difficult economic climate, the introduction of the new plates was postponed from 1 January 2009 until 15 April 2009 for all new cars.).They must be made of reflex-reflecting material, white at the front and rear, with black non-reflecting characters. The industry standard size number plate is 520 mm × 110 mm (20.5 in × 4.3 in) or 520 mm × 120 mm (20.5 in × 4.7 in) if it includes a horizontal cartouche to display information about the car dealer.The left side of the plate must contain a blue band with the letter F for France under the stars of the European flag.Their vehicles display regular registration plates. As it is nationwide, the SIV system does not use geographical codes as did the previous system.At first, it was not planned to display the départments' codes on the new plates.Unlike the new one, the 1950 format is geographical.Until 2009, car plates had to be changed whenever the owner moved to another département or bought a car from a person living in a different département.

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The numbering system goes as follows: , or 277,977,744, different combinations.Since 1901, various systems have been successively introduced, the most recent dating from 2009.

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