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28-Nov-2017 13:16

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And if those users are already lying about their age and their sex and creating cyber versions of their personalities that bear very little resemblance to the real teenager or middle-aged paedophile, then it's expecting a lot from this motley army of users suddenly to morph into responsible net police, online Mr Plods who will spend time ratting on their mates for posting pictures of themselves holding guns, knives, or pictures of their naughty bits.

Clearly, this is impossible - so the system relies on users making complaints.Social networking isn't just - as I complained last year - a pointless waste of time, because for a worrying number of young people it is proving to be harmful, if not deadly.

Che l'importanza della produzione nazionale vada a puttane, come puntualmente succederà negli anni successivi.… continue reading »

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