Filipina dating customs

15-Aug-2017 20:21

A 19 year old girl here can, and often does, marry a man in his late 60’s and together they start a family. At times the woman may be in her late 20’s and the man in his early 60’s. It’s not solely about money any more than marriages anywhere else where a woman who chooses a husband her own age and takes that man’s job into account.

I know that comes as something of a shock to many of you, perhaps difficult to comprehend in any sense of what you usually define as ‘normal’. “” are questions very commonly asked in the United States by curious female BFF’s when their friend meets a new boyfriend.

Ironically, it is the men (usually taxi or tricycle drivers) who are far more likely to get to the point and ask you, “Are you married? But the women themselves, they will play it very conservatively and coy.

They will find ways and glances to let you know they are interested, but they expect you as the man to initiate the encounter and to pursue them.

I have seen this conservatism in Filipinas first-hand.

Filipinas may smile and look away all day long, and that is about as far as it will go.

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Such are the sort of preconceptions I’ve discovered as I brought up the subject of age difference as it relates to relationships here in the Philippines. As I mentioned before, there is a natural attraction between younger Filipina women seeking financial security or maturity from an older, foreign man.

Just like in any other culture you will come across the occasional ‘‘, the ruthless woman out to gut a man like a fish of all his belongings.

But no more than you would in Sydney, Los Angeles or Vancouver.

S., despite our supposed ‘liberal’ views on marriage as portrayed in the media, the reality is that the majority of Americans still hold to the conservative idea where the age difference between a couple should be within an 8-year bracket before it becomes ‘questionable’.

Anything beyond that and suddenly the older woman is a ‘Cougar’ or the younger man is a ‘MILF’-seeker.

With their beauty and devotion as their greatest asset, they tend to notice quickly when a new ‘kano’ moves into town frequenting perhaps the mall or local business where they work.

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