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If Matthias Meier, too, vaguely felt the call and the push of the springtime, he was quite unaware of it, and merely checked and figured in the thumb-blackened and well-worn pages of the yellow book. "I have thought of you every moment." His voice shook with emotion. The afternoon slipped away as they talked of this new-old thing that had come to them. It seems that this spring belongs just to us, and to no other," Amalia said once. Charlie Briggs dissuaded him from this, pointing out his lack of knowledge of his surroundings, called to his distracted mind that when they pulled off, which might be any time now, their progress would be better than Matthias' blind ride through an unknown country.

Up to this time, the room had been quiet save for the bumbling of a single advance guard of bottle-green flies and the sound of some one cutting timber far away. "And I of you." "You must break your betrothal, Amalia." "At this moment it is broken, Matthias." "This . ." said Matthias after a time, "is what love is." "Yes," said Amalia, "I know now. It took all the weight of his argument to make Matthias realize the folly of the plan.

The boys arrive at Olive's house at the same time, but at different doors.

They both come in, and whenever Olive isn't looking, they start fighting.

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You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg of Australia License which may be viewed online at contact Project Gutenberg of Australia go to In the telling of a story the narrator takes a bit from life as definitely and completely as one would cut out a paper doll, trimming away all of the flimsy sheet excepting the figure. On the under side of the cover a mirror fitted into the blue silk lining and in the various compartments were a needle-ball and a pin-cushion and a tiny silver thimble. to think of you as I sew." But even while she clung to him she told him this: "I wake in the night and think of this which I am doing contrary to my father's wishes. Occasionally he felt a bit of the winner's sympathy for his fallen adversary. A tow-headed young boy, the same who had directed him on his first visit, was coming toward him also with some haste. As Matthias took the letter and tore hastily into it, the boy stepped away and began pulling bits of bark from the shaggy coat of a soft maple. Amalia couldn't be married until the wagons reached there. It was the beginning of the young man's country, the young man's hope of wealth. Day after day the prairie-schooners had crept on to the west,--a winding procession like so many tiny, gray-colored bugs following a twisting line on the wide expanse of a school-room map. From there to Nebraska City was but a short journey.A Project Gutenberg of Australia e Book Title: Spring Came on Forever (1935) Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich e Book No.: 0500651Edition: 1 Language: English Character set encoding: HTML--Latin-1(ISO-8859-1)--8 bit Date first posted: June 2005 Date most recently updated: June 2005 This e Book was produced by: Don Lainson [email protected] Gutenberg of Australia e Books are created from printed editions which are in the public domain in Australia, unless a copyright notice is included. Matthias would have gone immediately to the house but Amalia would not hear of it. No, Matthias, give me my perfect day." And because she would have it so, he did not go in to confront her father, but left her there in the clearing until he should come again. just happiness and right." And when Matthias said nothing could come between them now, she confessed: "Of that I am sure . This was the day he was to confront Amalia's father, possibly the day he was to bring her home with him. Sometimes Trixie sank in mud so deep she nearly floundered. At that, in his sick imaginings, he felt himself snatching her away bodily from the outstretched arms of this strange man-- Suddenly a thought struck him with lightning-like effect. To the Lutheran homesteaders the journey out of Illinois and into the plains of Iowa had been a tedious and apparently endless trip. It was the morning of the ninth day out before they could proceed. There was no more promenading on the wind-swept deck by the giggling girls. A doctor was called hurriedly from the passengers to attend a woman in childbirth in one of the stuffy state-rooms.We do NOT keep any e Books in compliance with a particular paper edition. Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading or redistributing this file. On the next Sunday there came a dash of warm rain as he rode into the clearing, and at once he saw her in the doorway of the sheep-shelter, a hooded gossamer about her shoulders. but when morning comes I know that it is not wicked at all . He had a feeling that there would be a scene, ending, no doubt, in his taking Amalia away without baggage. Sometimes he had to dismount to clear fallen branches away from the wet timber road. With that disquieting thought he started walking over toward the road that led to the house. There was no kettle hanging there in the clearing,--only the tipped-over tripod of hickory sticks and the sodden black ashes of the last fire. Immediately he sat up and brushed a hand across his eyes, a dozen things crowding his mind at once. The town lay hundreds of miles across the Illinois and Iowa plains on the Missouri River, a long, long journey. For weeks now they had lurched over trails which took them through prairie grass and sunflowers, down creek-beds and across gulleys, into tangled clumps of wild growth and past an occasional settlement. There were various rumbles of dissatisfaction from the passengers, too, for eatables were getting low and fare was very poor. One side of the river bank was sheer steep bluffs, the other vast stretches of prairie, dotted with patches of timber. A young bride came aboard on her way to California, happy and blithesome, thinking that all California was a paradise.Her full lips were rosy pink, and in their velvet blueness her wide eyes were like cornflowers. we made the soap, using all of our grease from the butchering so we will have a plentiful supply for the long journey and a whole year after." But the words recalled this disquieting thing he had heard of her betrothal and going away, and he frowned as he seated himself beside her on a log near the kettle. Ploddingly men had walked beside the oxen and cracked the long bull whips which circled over the stolid beasts' backs but never touched them.

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The braid of her soft hair, wound round her head and showing just at the edge of the bonnet, was the color of cornsilk before the summer sun has seared it. Patiently the women had sat in the covered wagons for all these weeks waiting this day of entering the new territory in which they were to make homes for their men.It was March, and apparently it was going to be an advanced one. My father says that by moving there and keeping together we can retain our customs and our language and our church relations." "But why . Indeed, when she was speaking so earnestly he found himself far more interested in watching her long lashes sweep a soft cheek. At the sight of the gallant figure that had scarce been out of her mind all week, she stopped, frightened at the import of the moment, her hand at her throat as though she must stifle the call of her heart to him. But once the steamer was off and on its way again nothing would stop it excepting nightfall. The next day they were caught again by another sand-bar throwing its treacherous arms across a channel which had been traversed easily on the boat's last trip.

You can just turn up at the port and show your train & ferry ticket as there's almost always spaces available, but I recommend calling the Io M Steam Packet Company on 01624 661 661, say you have a Sail Rail ticket and ask their friendly staff to make you a foot passenger reservation on your chosen ferry departure(s).… continue reading »

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