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29-Oct-2017 02:58

After serving four months, Governor Douglas Wilder granted Iverson clemency.

This was a film that I paid special attention to because I was born and still live part-time in Southeastern Virginia, the area which this film takes place in.Fists were thrown, chairs were tossed — and Iverson wound up arrested along with three other black youths, and charged with “maiming by mob” (a relatively rare Virginia statute that had originally been instituted to discourage lynching).The subsequent trial — and conviction — all-too-predictably divided the community along racial lines.The fight supposedly broke out after the white men used racial epithets against Iverson's friends.

Iverson and three of his friends were arrested and tried for felony "maiming by a mob."After a lengthy and controversial trial, Iverson was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison, 10 years suspended.

He interviews people who knew Iverson as a teenager trying to find out who Iverson truly is, which is still a little muddled.