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Red Flag #3 They get easily annoyed, defensive or argumentative.

When an affair (be it cyber, emotional or physical) has begun, the cheater may want to sugar-coat their guilt and justify the affair. That's why a cheating partner may try to find ways to blame you for their indiscretions.

Suddenly, they're conducting mysterious calls in the other room and when you ask who called, the answer is... " Red Flag #7 They look, smell, and dress better, but not necessarily around you. They might have a change of clothes in the car or in a sports bag that aren't gym clothes.

Your partner receives regular texts, emails or sexy photos from a "friend" you weren't aware of.Red Flag #6 They're acting secretive all of a sudden, especially around the computer or cell phone.Your partner has Facebook, email and social media accounts that you don't have access to.Red Flag #5 They're spending more time online or on their cell phone than with you.

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If the amount of time they're spending talking to, texting, emailing or messaging someone else is strongly impacting your time together, there is a problem brewing.

They start fights, pick on you, push every button you've got and may even accuse you of cheating.