The age for legal dating female dating in europe

04-Oct-2017 00:29

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If you’re anything like me, in the near future, you’ll probably find yourself dating someone who is younger than you.

There are, of course, any number of reasons for this.

Just remember that young people call records “discs.” And that you can respond to almost any question by saying “Radiohead.” Learn these two rules and you’ll be fine.

Young people today are obsessed with food additives.

Make sure, too, that you get your jam band names correct.

Do not say Umphrey’s Mc Gee when you actually mean The String Cheese Incident or the night will come to a screeching halt.

If you know you’re having sex that night, take a nap before.If you’re dating a young Republican, you can always go with “smaller government.” That’s an evergreen.