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This section explains when you need to update your toolbox path cache and how to avoid problems caused by an out-dated cache file.Updating Cache Following a Product Install or Update.When you first install MATLAB on this system, you or your system administrator needs to generate the cache. You also need to regenerate the cache file whenever toolbox directories are added or removed so that the cache does not hold out-dated path information.To do so, select Update Toolbox Cache as described in Selecting Toolbox Path Cache Preferences. To update the cache, type the following in the Command Window.To resume use of the cache, you need to regenerate it using the procedure described in Generating the Toolbox Path Cache.

If some images or parts of the globe don't display correctly: The Google Earth globe may spin if your controller is not calibrated.

To disable it on a global basis, remove the file If you make changes to your toolbox directories, your toolbox path cache file can become out of date.

Depending upon the reason for this, you may or may not receive a warning that your cache needs to be updated.

If you're using a controller: Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to calibrate your controller.

If you run MATLAB from a network server, you can significantly reduce your startup time by using the MATLAB toolbox path cache.If you install a new toolbox or an update from The Math Works, it is likely that the information stored in the toolbox path cache no longer accurately reflects your toolbox directories.